Canoeing and Kayaking

The following are areas that people could access the river for kayaking, canoeing, and tubing:

Pigeon River

  • Access Via:
    • Pigeon Bridge
    • Old Vanderbilt Rd.
    • Elk Hill
    • Ford Lake Rd (Tubes Campground)
    • Tin Bridge Rd.
    • Pine Grove
    • Webb Rd.
    • Pigeon River Rd.
  • Log jams and portages are possible anywhere with changing river conditions. Beware of high water. Relatively clear passage is possible from:
    • Old Vanderbilt to Ford Lake Rd. (tubes)
    • Pine Grove to Pigeon River Rd.
  • 10 hour trip between Pigeon Bridge and Pigeon River Rd. Many portages north of tubes.

Black River

  • Access Via:
    • Tin Shanty Rd.
    • Town Corner Stairs
    • Blue Lakes Rd.
    • Clark Bridge
    • Black River Rd.
    • Black River Trail
  • Many log jams and spread area. Relatively free passage between Town Corner stairs and Clark Bridge.

Sturgeon River

  • Access Via:
    • Cornwell Grade Rd. (Fontinalis Rd.)
  • Relatively clear passage north. Fast water and deep in many places.