Community Events

The Discovery Center will periodically provide educational programs for all ages at different times during the year. A partial listing of classes being considered are:

  • Geology of Sinkhole Lakes; field trip to a sinkhole lake
  • Invasive Species found in the PRC; why they are dangerous; how to remove these plants
  • Frogging for Amphibians
  • Overview of conservation theory and practice
  • Woodland wildflowers
  • Wetland habitat; who lives there?
  • Bogs; why are they important; field trip to a bog
  • Animal scat and tracks; field trip in PRC
  • Reading a topographical map; using a compass; using a GPS to navigate in the PRC
  • Fish biology; importance of river and lake health; field trip/testing of water
  • Foraging in a forest
  • Wildlife Photography in the PRC
  • Importance of habitat and what can lead to extinction of animals/birds
  • Life cycle of trees – discussion and field trip
  • Life cycle of forests – decisions and management – field trip to see different ecosystems
  • Elk Story – discussion and field trip
  • Owl Prowl

In addition, the Steering Committee is seeking input from forest visitors about developing other class offerings, to include contact information of qualified presenters. Please contact the Steering Committee with suggestions and always check our website for confirmed offerings, dates and times of scheduled classes.