Inspiration Point Pathway

This ¼ mile pathway near the intersection of Osmun and Clark Bridge roads runs through remnants of the 1930’s CCC camp to a scenic overlook. The view includes a variety of forest cover types, a glimpse of Cornwall Flooding, and a large open area, part of which is maintained by DNR to enhance elk and deer habitat. Visitors may debate whether the high ground they are seeing is Pickerel Lake Rd 6 miles away, or Peanut Hill Rd more than 10 miles away. Cornwall Flooding is a 161-acre impoundment behind a dam erected with federal and state funds in 1966 to provide a “trout lake,” now populated by bass, bluegill, and other panfish, on Cornwall Cr, which feeds into the Pigeon River.

All these pathways can be found on our waterproof map (order here) except for the new Towerman’s Watch. We provide the latitude and longitude in minutes, leaving out the 45°N and 84°W, since they are the same across the area.