North Spur / Midland to Mackinaw Pathway

The North Spur horse trail and the Midland to Mackinac hiking trail overlap as they pass through the PRC and allow horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking (crosses HCP at 18’N 25’W and at 8’N 23’W). The North Spur is part of Michigan’s 355-mile Shore-to-Shore Riding-Hiking Trail system designated for horse riding and hiking. The 210-mile Midland to Mackinac Trail partially follows an ancient footpath once used by Native Americans as a seasonal route for hunting, trapping, trading, and gathering foodstuffs.

All these pathways can be found on our waterproof map (order here) except for the new Towerman’s Watch. We provide the latitude and longitude in minutes, leaving out the 45°N and 84°W, since they are the same across the area.