DNR treatment plan
March 7, 2016

Subject: Request for Variance – Pigeon River State Forest

To all concerned parties,
In light of an anticipated spruce budworm outbreak, several high-risk stands have been identified within the Pigeon River State Forest for commercial salvage operations. The stands have been identified as high-risk due to a significant percentage of balsam fir and/or white spruce in the overstory, as well as the older age of the overstory trees. A total of 8 stands were identified as desirable to harvest at this time. In addition, 4 more stands were selected for harvest due to their immediate adjacency to one or more of the high-risk stands.
An attached spreadsheet provides more information for each of the stands. In addition, an attached pdf map (see below) shows the location of each proposed treatment within the PRC boundary. The pdf map allows for the zoom function to be utilized if a closer look at certain treatments is preferred. If additional information is desired for stands or prescriptions, contact Rick McDonald ([email protected]) for Compartments 2 and 23 and Greg Rekowski ([email protected]) for Compartments 32, 43, 51, and 52. They can also be reached at the Pigeon River Field Office at phone number 989-983-4101. For DNR employees, additional information can be found using either MiFI (http://dnrintranet.state.mi.us/mifi) or the DNR Forest Inventory Viewer (http://idev.dnr.state.mi.us/mapgallery/forest/forest.html).

The response period for this variance is 30 days. No response indicates that there are no objections to the proposed treatments.

DNR Budworm Treatment Spruce and Fir Stands Map

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