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Canoeing and Kayaking

Be Prepared

Couple canoeing in the lakeCanoeing on the river is for more experienced individuals. River conditions change frequently. Shifting log jams, brush, portages, and water levels are possible at any time.

The Sturgeon River frequently has fast water and is deep in many places.

Canoeing on the lakes are all experience levels.


Pigeon River

Canoeing in the river with friends

Areas to Access the River

  • Pigeon Bridge
  • Old Vanderbilt Rd.
  • Elk Hill
  • Ford Lake Rd.
  • Tin Bridge Rd.
  • Pine Grove
  • Webb Rd.
  • Pigeon River Rd.

Black River

A couple canoeing in the lake

Areas to Access the River

  • Tin Shanty Rd.
  • Town Corner Stairs
  • Blue Lakes Rd.
  • Clark Bridge
  • Black River Rd.
  • Black River Trail

Sturgeon River

Canoeing in the lake

Areas to Access the River

  • Cornwell Grade Rd. (Fontinalis Rd.)

Recommended Trips

Preparing to canoe in the lake

  • Pigeon River
    • Old Vanderbilt to Ford Lake Rd.
    • Pine Grove to Pigeon River Rd.
    • Pigeon Bridge to Pigeon River Rd. 10 hour trip with multiple portages north of Ford Lake Rd.
  • Black River
    • Relatively free passage between Town Corner stairs and Clark Bridge.
  • Sturgeon River
    • Relatively free passage north of Cornwell Grade Rd. (Fontinalis Rd.)

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