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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations may change throughout the season. Please contact the Department of Natural Resources or review the DNR website for current information.

Where Can I Hunt?

HuntingHunting is widely permitted (within the applicable rules in the DNR Hunting Guide) anywhere in the PRC with the exemption of:

  • Campgrounds
  • Staff Areas
  • Within 450 ft. of an occupied dwelling

Hunting is lawful in wildlife managed openings and plantings in the PRC and on pathways.

Target Practice

Target PracticeTarget practice is widely permitted in most areas not in the campgrounds or office area. Shooters are responsible for ensuring they have an adequate backstop, know what’s behind their target, and must pick up their garbage. It is unlawful to shoot at anything other than paper, cardboard, clay or items specifically manufactured to be targets.

It is unlawful to shoot at explosive or incendiary targets on state land.

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