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Birding and Forest Connection

Due to potential storms, we've rescheduled this event for June 22nd from 8-10. Join experts Joy Mittig and Doug Reeves for a morning of forestry and birdwatching! The event starts […]

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Feathered Friends

Bring the family to the Discovery Center for a free workshop to learn about the PRC and build a fund nature-based item to take home.  Activities for ages 4 - […]

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2018-04 – PRCAC Meeting Notes

Notes from 4/20/2018 PRCAC meeting to PRCA Board of Directors: Held at Frontier Communications, Gaylord, MI (Note: These notes are not intended to be draft minutes, nor do they cover every item presented at the advisory council meeting. I have excerpted only those...

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Senate Summary Bill 39 and 40

DNR LAND ACQUISITION & PUBLIC ACCESS S.B. 39 (S-2) & 40 (S-1):SUMMARY OF BILLREPORTED FROM COMMITTEESenate Bill 39 (Substitute S-2 as reported)Senate Bill 40 (Substitute S-1 as reported)Sponsor: Senator Tom Casperson (S.B. 39)Senator Darwin L. Booher (S.B....

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Budworm DNR Treatment Plan

DNR treatment planMarch 7, 2016 Subject: Request for Variance - Pigeon River State Forest To all concerned parties,In light of an anticipated spruce budworm outbreak, several high-risk stands have been identified within the Pigeon River State Forest for commercial...

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Golden Lotus Dam Consent Judgement

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Judge Janet Allen issued a Consent Judgement ending the court case between Michigan Trout Unlimited and the Pigeon River Country Association against Golden Lotus requiring them to remove the 100 year old dam at the Song of the Morning...

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Profile of PRCA Intern Sarah Topp

As retiring PRCA Newsletter editor it suddenly dawned on me that I had done a poor job these past years in failing to call to attention to the work of our PRCA-sponsored summer interns. This oversight particularly struck me during this year's open meeting on June 29th...

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Volunteer For The Pigeon River Country!

This Saturday, April 27, the Pigeon River Country Association is hosting a volunteer workday to clear winter storm debris from the Shingle Mill Pathway. Yes, I know it's the trout opener, but we're working from 9:30 to 2:30, so there's plenty of time before and after...

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Showshoe Backpack Bowhunt In The Big Wild

Some things just go together, like country-rap songs or chocolate chip cookies and Michigan IPA. Well, maybe that’s just me, but with fresh snow on the ground, a few days left of bow season and some time off work for the holidays, I couldn’t resist strapping on...

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The Pigeon River Country Could Expand

As reported by the Gaylord Herald-Times, a new addition of 160 acres along the Pigeon River could be acquired by the DNR for addition to the Pigeon River Country Forest. After originally withholding their required approval under a new state law, the Otsego County...

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Backpacking In Short Time

I awoke to see a loon floating on a mirrored glass lake at dawn. It was a beautiful sight to greet my eyes as I crawled out of my one-person tent. I had spent the night camped on the shore of Grass Lake, one of many small biologically abundant lakes in the Pigeon...

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Golden Lotus Dam Removal History

What HappenedSummary On June 23, 2008, the dam at the Song of the Morning Ranch on the Pigeon River, operated by Golden Lotus, Inc., failed for the third time in 60 years. This failure, like the two previous, resulted in a massive fish kill and habitat destroying silt...

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New PRCA Policies

EmailWhen a request for an email distribution is made, it will be circulated to board. If a majority approves ofcirculating email either at a meeting or electronically, it will be circulated by email to all members forwhom we have an email address and/or placed on our...

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