When a request for an email distribution is made, it will be circulated to board. If a majority approves of
circulating email either at a meeting or electronically, it will be circulated by email to all members for
whom we have an email address and/or placed on our website. Our email list will not be given to any
other organization. Members will be given an option to opt out of all email communication.

PRCAC representative
The Association representative shall forward to all board members the agenda and associated materials
he/she receives electronically for each PRCAC meeting when they are received. Brief summaries of nonelectronically received material shall also be sent. If there is a proposal, e.g. a motion, special meeting,
etc. on which the Association would have an interest that our representative is aware of, at least a
summary of the committee/Council proceedings, e.g. summaries of draft minutes or a brief summary of
the arguments, shall be sent to all board members as soon as possible. Any board member may ask for a
discussion and vote to establish a PRCA position for our representative to take on any motion so

Treasurer’s authority
The board shall authorize each year an additional person to prepare the financial statement with the
treasurer for presentation at the annual meeting and receive copies of monthly bank statements. The
Treasurer is authorized to finance on a continuing basis all projects approved by the Board and may
spend up to $100 for incidental Association expenses subject only to notifying the board by email
within 15 days of the expenditure.

Photo of the Month
The Association will solicit from people coming to DNR Headquarters or our website a digital photo of an
activity, scene, etc. in the PRC each month. Two people from the board will select the best photo
submitted and have it printed in color in an 8”x10” size that will be placed in one of the outside display
boxes with identifying material, e.g. name and city of person taking picture, a brief description of place
in PRC, etc. The same photo will be put on our website with identifying material. The photo will be
changed each month. The board will look into producing a calendar using these pictures.

(Approved August 2011)

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