As retiring PRCA Newsletter editor it suddenly dawned on me that I had done a poor job these past years in failing to call to attention to the work of our PRCA-sponsored summer interns. This oversight particularly struck me during this year’s open meeting on June 29th when Sarah Topp gave her report regarding her on-going, and it seems, with all the storms we have had these past few years, never- ending work in keeping up the maintenance of the various pathways and trails in the forest, as well as overseeing continuing work on the High County Pathway.

She is also unique in several other ways. Although born in Rochester MI, she has lived most of her life in Gaylord, graduating from St. Mary’s High School in 2009, giving her a unique perspective on the importance of the Pigeon River Country to those who are so lucky to live in the Gaylord area and neighboring counties. Sarah also has the distinction of being one of the few PRCA-sponsored interns to serve in this capacity for two consecutive summers – a testimony as to how highly the governing board of the PRCA values her work and dedication.

Sarah will be returning this fall to Northern Michigan University as a senior, majoring in general biology, with a concentration on wildlife management (she is particularly interested in larger animals like deer, elk, and bear) and is hoping to make a career for herself in this area – perhaps after post-graduate studies. We wish her success in years to come and are thankful to our loyal PRCA membership for helping fund our intern program. We are proud to have helped further Sarah’s ambitions.

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